It's not what you expect - and more than you expect.


In January 2010 your three co-hosts were part of a tour group that was visiting Egypt. We knew each other but only casually. The first day of the trip was a very traumatic day for one of us - a long term relationship was falling apart. The pain was obvious and he asked to have dinner with his two fellow tourists. At dinner he unloaded about what was troubling him. The two companions listened. He then asked, "What do you think?" Well, what happened next was magical. Instead of affirmations of his hurt feelings, they asked very pointed questions to find out the truth and his feelings.

These conversations continued each night at dinner for many nights to come. The topics shifted to everything under the sun. Friendship and trust blossomed.

About four or five days into the vacation the ladies in the tour group noticed the three men going off each night to talk. One evening as we walked toward the restaurant to join in our nightly bonding time - one of the ladies shouted to us, "Have fun in The Man Cave."

After a few more days we found many more people joining us each night. We talked about anything and everything. Everyone that joined the discussion group enjoyed the safety of the group and how any topic could be discussed without judgment or the need to solve a problem. We assisted each other to find each person's own answers.


Albert Delgado has worked in security for more than three decades after serving in the military as a medic. His cultural background has had a significant influence on his perspective of life. However, he began to look for more - just like most of us. He began to search for his own truths. He no longer is the man he was, but is much more.

Lanny Fields, PhD is a retired college professor. He has taught all over the world in various teaching assignments and at different levels of education. He spent most of his career as a professor at the college level teaching history and religious studies. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience in both of these disciplines. His studies and teaching of comparative religions caused him to expand his viewpoint of the life's journey. He loves to share his journeys.

Michael Kuhn CPA is a Vietnam veteran serving a combat infantry officer. He began his career in business and finance after his service in the military. There was one question that was always in his thoughts - What is the purpose of life? This simple question, as with the other co-hosts, launched a life long journey to find the answer.

We all soon learn that our path in life does not have a destination but is a journey.
That is what our program is about - life's journey.

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